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Did you know that most common feelings among high schoolers are fatigue and boredom?

Research shows that rate at which teens feel “bored” at school is increasing between the ages 13 to 17. This was due to the lack of purpose.

According to leading researcher Kendall Bronk on youth development, the purpose has 4 defining features: Dedicated commitment, personal meaningfulness, goal- directedness and achieve a bigger vision.

The First Tee is a youth development organization that uses the game of golf to teach young people about life skills and character education, is motivating youth to pursue learning and education.

Dedicated Commitment- We have a Dedicated team of Coaches who are committed to the overall youth development

The First Tee coach philosophy and building blocks embrace the notion that coaches create developmentally-appropriate, optimal learning environments based on the age and skill level of the players.

Personal Meaningfulness – Explore and seek new activities and experiences, see if they like it and then decide to make it a part of their life

Today not many young people are able to explore and seek new activities and experiences often due to the fear of falling behind. At The First Tee, our coaches create games and activities and make adjustments for each level of games/activities.  This helps them reaching milestones at various times as they grow. 

Goal Directedness- Coaches introduce them to specific guidelines to further clarify and focus on their goals

At The First Tee once players seek their meaning and purpose it makes them Goal Oriented. They are introduced to a few guidelines they can use to further clarify and focus on their goals. Increasing their chance of achieving their goals.

Achieve a bigger vision- Goals will help create a vision and make them better human beings

Once they find themselves directed to a goal by dedicating their time and concentration players can seek a vision which will make them better human beings. Coaches at The First Tee are constantly learning and guiding them through the process.

Youth at The First Tee   

  • 84% teens credit The First Tee for helping them be a better student
  • 83% teens consider themselves Lifelong golfers


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