5 Reasons Learning to Play Golf Empowers Women and Girls by Intern Bailey Snodgrass

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While participation levels within golf continue to increase, the same can be said for women and girls learning the game as well. From an article by Alison Lillie titled, 5 Reasons Learning to Play Golf Empowers Women and Girls, includes great insight for how this strong gender continues to learn and enjoy the game of golf more and more, with women even being referred to as, “the fastest growing group of golfers.”

The First Tee of Pittsburgh aids in providing enjoyable opportunities to introduce the game of golf, along with the skills involved to help boys and girls at a young age. More specifically, young women becoming introduced and involved with golf is ever changing. For example, according to a blog from Hacienda Golf Club along with Channel Signal Website collectively, the total female participation number has increased by nearly 3 million to a total of 30 million since 2016.

Why they should participate and become involved?

In the article, 5 Reasons Learning to Play Golf Empowers Women and Girls, Lillie states five key reasons for how learning to play golf helps empower women at any age, for the following reasons: offering challenges, learning patience, understanding the benefit of practice, learning business skills, and even helping to learn many life lessons. The offering of challenges; some challenges may account to just beginning to learn the game and shooting high scores or having played for years and being faced with a difficult shot or a long putt to save Par. Patience; the game of golf helps with learning patience in a multitude of ways, whether it is simply waiting for the rain to stop, waiting on the group of golfers ahead of you, or even the patience on the speed of your own swing. As said for most things in life, “practice makes perfect.” This, too, applies for the game of golf, whether it is hitting an extra bucket of golf balls on the driving range or playing as many holes as possible until there isn’t any light in the sky. Learning business skills is extremely important. This helps in developing personal qualities with respect, character, and honesty being only some of many, which all directly highlight professionalism. The game of golf helps tremendously with providing life lessons. They can be within yourself, such as learning to manage your own or others’ emotions, and even developing into tying the golden rule of life into this wonderful game, treating everyone else the same way you yourself would like to be treated. This same rule fits perfectly into playing the game of golf. Such as, remaining quiet while others are preparing their next shot or putt, always expressing positivity, and especially always trying your best.

Boys and girls alike can learn many different lessons through golf. They learn about themselves as well as many different aspects of the game. Beginning young through involvement with The First Tee of Pittsburgh can create a lifelong love for the game of golf.

Submitted by:  Bailey Snodgrass, Intern

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