What we do

First Tee – Pittsburgh (commonly referred to as FTP ) is a non-profit youth development program that delivers life skills and character education to young people ages 5-18 through the game of golf.  Participants join us for lessons in putting, chipping, pitching, full swing and on course play while they also learn healthy habits, goal setting, Respect, Courtesy, Confidence and more.

First Tee – Pittsburgh’s mission: To impact the lives of young people by providing educational programs that build character, instill life-enhancing values and promote healthy choices through the game of golf.

CLICK HERE to download our 2021 Parents’ Mini-Handbook prepared by First Tee – Pittsburgh


CLICK HERE to download the 2021 Parents’ Guide prepared by the First Tee Home Office

Weekly Classes/Lessons

During the golf season, we offer a Spring session, a Summer session, and a Fall session at just about all locations.  During these sessions we conduct certifying golf clinics that are once per week for 7 weeks.  Class times are typically 90 minutes, except in Fall when the shorter days only allow for 75 minute classes.

During the off-season, we offer a Year-End (Nov-Dec) session, a Winter (Jan-Feb) session, and an Indoor Pre-Season (March) session in our indoor golf simulators currently located at our Pleasant Ridge location in Stowe Township, our Chatham University location in Oakland, our Wallace School Building location in Baldwin, and at PA Golf Academy in Wexford. Class times are typically 75 minutes.  Click HERE for more information about our Indoor SIM Golf.

We also host Summer Camps, Participant Invitational Tournaments, and other great events.

What is a CERTIFICATION Golf Clinic?

Our Certification Golf Clinics are 7 weeks long and meet once per week.  The participants will learn about, then be tested on their Life Skills knowledge, their golf knowledge, and their golf ability.  There are pre-set minimums needed to advance to the next level.  There is also an attendance requirement of at least 4 of the 6 classes attended in order to be able to take the tests on week 7.

CLICK HERE to download our Level-By-Level Certification Requirements

Why Golf?

Golf is unique from other sports because players learn values like honesty and responsibility by calling penalties on themselves and reporting their own score. The sport is a perfect platform for helping young people develop character.  Just like in life, players experience the highs and lows of the game.

What Do the Experts Say?

An independent research study* confirmed that youth involved in First Tee Life Skills Experience (the curriculum delivered at chapters) learn and use life skills on the golf course and transfer these skills to other areas of their life. In fact, 100% of First Tee participants interviewed said they transferred life skills learned at First Tee to school. Seventy-eight percent are transferring skills such as decision making, setting goals and managing their emotions from the golf course to other areas of their lives including situations with friends, family, after school activities and jobs. The study also revealed First Tee Life Skills Experience’s ability to impart core values on youth. After participating in First Tee for three years, 73% reported high confidence in their academic ability and 82% felt confident in their social abilities with peers.

* “Longitudinal Effects of The First Tee Life Skills Education Program on Positive Youth Development” led by University of Minnesota’s Maureen R. Weiss, Ph.D. from 2005 to 2008. Visit www.firsttee.org to read the full summary report.


Please register your child based on the following criteria:


Attendance is a key component to the success, development, and progression of the First Tee program. Participants are expected to attend all program dates with a maximum of two (2) missed class per 7-week session.  Please arrive at your first class TEN minutes BEFORE the start time.

do i have to REGISter?

All clinics are capped and registration is first come, first served.  Online registration is mandatory.  Please click on the REGISTER button on the top of the page to go to our registration portal.  Please note:  After you register, you will not receive any additional confirmation regarding your registration unless there is an issue.

Also, THE REGISTRATION IS NOT COMPLETE UNTIL PAYMENT IS RECEIVED BY FIRST TEE – PITTSBURGH.  A participant spot will not be held without payment in full or without a completed scholarship (financial aid) form.

Why register online?

It is the only way to participate in our programs.  Our registration is SAFE, SECURE, and CONVENIENT.

When do you offer certification clinics?

Our Spring, Summer, and Fall sessions are our most popular sessions and are when we offer 7-week Certification Golf Clinics at multiple locations in the Greater Pittsburgh area.

Do you offer any programs in the winter?

During our Year-End, Winter, and Indoor Pre-Season sessions we offer 5-week SIM Golf with Instruction for all levels in our state-of-the-art indoor golf simulators.

Click HERE for more information about our Indoor SIM Golf.

Currently, our indoor program locations are Pleasant Ridge in Stowe Township, Chatham University in Oakland, and Wallace School Building in Baldwin.

Is there Parent Orientation information?

CLICK HERE to download our newest Parent Mini-Handbook.  The Parent Mini-Handbook has all of the policies specific to First Tee – Pittsburgh.

Do you offer SCHOLARSHIPS (Financial Aid)?

Scholarships (Financial Aid) are available for ALL clinics at ALL locations and are based on your families need of support. To apply, you must complete your request online as part of the official registration process. Once the chapter is able to review your request, you will be notified on the level of scholarship provided and alerted to complete registration and confirm your child’s spot in the program.


In the event of inclement weather, a decision regarding the cancellation of programming will be made by the class’s Lead Coach.  You will receive an email from the Lead Coach if your class is canceled for any reason.

Please do not call the local golf courses about program information.  Please call First Tee – Pittsburgh at 412-622-0108.  Make-up classes only occur if 2 or more classes of a session are canceled.

Do I need to buy ANY EQUIPMENT?

First Tee of Pittsburgh will provide all needed equipment, FREE of CHARGE, during our weekly programs for those that do not have their own. We will insure that all of our equipment meets the needs of your participant and is the correct size.  Although we supply everything needed, your particiapnt may bring/use their own equipment.

What Attire should my participant wear?

Target, PLAYer, TEEN, and Par Level participants should wear comfortable clothes (that is weather appropriate) and athletic shoes. This includes appropriate length shorts WITH POCKETS or slacks, shirts with sleeves, and sneakers or golf shoes.  Birdie, Eagle, and Ace participants must come in golf appropriate attire unless otherwise specified.

What are the DETAILS of your levels?

TARGET:  The TARGET level is broken down into six components which are used to spark curiosity in the game of golf, meet new people, and have fun.  In the TARGET level, First Tee concepts of interpersonal skills and self-management are the focus of each lesson.  The TARGET level is for 5 and 6 year old participants.

PLAYer:  The PLAYer level (PLAYer 1, PLAYer 2, & PLAYer 3) helps to establish the foundation for young people to become lifelong PLAYers of the game of golf.  The PLAYer level starts at 7 years old and is the introductory level for all PLAYers new to First Tee.  The PLAYer level introduces the Nine Core Values and incorporates them into each lesson.  (TARGET enrollment is not a requirement to participate at the PLAYer level).

TEEN:  The TEEN Level is for participants that are new to The First Tee and are age 13 or older and is only offered at select locations. TEEN Level is a combination of PLAYer, Par, and Birdie levels.

Par:  The Par level (Par 1, Par 2, & Par 3) participants are introduced to the intellectual side of playing golf while learning skills that will help them on and off the golf course.  The main focus of the Par level is to assist participants in acquiring several self-management techniques that will help them in managing their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in order to perform at their best on and off the golf course.  The focus of the Par core lessons is on self-management which helps to provide the underpinnings for the external self-management and goal setting skills PLAYers will acquire at the Birdie and Eagle levels.  The ideal age for cognitive, emotional, and physical readiness for the Par level is 9 years old.

Birdie: In the Birdie level, the life skill focus is on goal setting.  Participants with the ability to set and pursue their own goals will have a greater sense of purpose, direction, and motivation in their lives.  The purpose of the Birdie level is to help participants learn how to identify personal goals and to develop strategy for reaching their goals.  The ideal age of cognitive, emotional, and physical readiness for the Birdie level is 11 years old.

Eagle: During the Eagle level, the focus is on developing the participant in all aspects of golf and life.  Participants build on the self-management, interpersonal skills, and goal setting techniques of the PLAYer, Par, and Birdie levels with a specific emphasis on resilience skills, conflict resolution, and planning for the future.  The Eagle level has a mandatory starting age of 13 years old

ACE:  Ace level participants complete 4 projects for certification.  Ace Level is individualized and self-paced.

What Golf Clinic should I register for?

If your participant is new to First Tee and between the ages of 7 and 12, you should register him/her for PLAYer 1.  If your particiapnt is 13 or older, you should register him/her for TEEN.   If your participant is 5 or 6 years old, you should register him/her for TARGET level.


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