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Hi!  My name is Jen Dziki, my son is Will Dziki and he plays for team Sportsmanship.  I just have to share a quick story about our match yesterday.  My son is 8 and was paired with a 13 year old.  Although I thought it was going to be trouble, it was honestly the best thing ever.  The way this boy interacted with my son was wonderful.  My son is a pretty solid golfer for 8, but I could see his fear when paired with an older player.  I knew he was thinking that no shot he was going to hit was going to be their choice shot and he told me that he didn’t even want to play because he wasn’t going to do anything to help his teammate.  I told him to just go and do his best and to ask his teammate for help in choosing clubs and lining him up to the hole and to be patient.  This boy was the kindest child, and really helped to build my son’s confidence.  When Will hit a good shot he always made a big deal of it and when he hit a not so good shot he encouraged him to try again next time.  In between shots the boys would talk and you could see the older boy helping my son take practice swings and repeatedly told him he had a great swing and helped him to tweak it.  They actually used my son’s drive twice and the older boy said, “Will, you really came through when my shots went the wrong way!”  By the time they were done with the 9 holes, my son wanted to keep playing!  What this boy did for my son’s confidence cannot be put into words, but what this program offers in terms of teamwork, confidence, respect for yourself and others (just to name a few) is priceless.

Thank you for this!

Jen Dziki

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