2021 First Tee – Pittsburgh Participant INVITATIONALS

presented by Isaly’s


Family Friendly

Come join us at one of our Family Friendly events.  Bring Pap, bring Uncle Joe, bring Aunt Carol.  Everyone is invited to come and walk the golf course while our First Tee participants show off what they’ve learned at our clinics.

SPRING INVITATIONAL – Saturday, June 12th


               CLICK HERE to learn more about Andy Hay

FALL INVITATIONAL – Saturday, October 23rd

Must be PLAYer 1 certified or higher.  PLAYers must be able to walk and handle their bag.  Parents may not help.  Clubs will be made available, if needed.  Pull/Push carts are allowed.

There will be a Three Hole course, a Five Hole course, and a Nine Hole course set up on the Bob O’Connor Golf Course at Schenley Park.

CLICK HERE for 2021 Andy Hay Summer Invitational Tee Times

Sign-up for the division of your choice

3-Hole – This division is recommended for beginners in our PLAYer and Par levels.  This division is best for participants that haven’t been on the course much yet.  Plus, it only takes an hour and is an easy walk-along for parents.
     Tee Times will be between 11am and 3pm. 

NEW  There will be one male winner and one female winner for the 3-hole division, regardless of age or tees played.

Participants ages 7-9 will play the Yellow tees (Forward tees)
Participants ages 10-12 will play the Orange tees (Middle tees)
Participants ages 13+ will play the Blue tees (Back tees)

NEW  5-Hole – This division is recommeded for participants ages 11+ that have played in the 3-hole division and are ready to play more holes from farther distances.  Participants should be in our Birdie level, but if they are ready, all participants are welcome.  All participants will play the same tees, regardless of age or gender.  There will be one male winner and one female winner in  the 5-hole division.
     Tee Times will be between 10am and 12noon. 

NEW  Participants will play from the Short Tees on five holes on the Bob 9 layout.
Holes to be played will be Bob 9 #1, #2, #7, #8, & #9.

9-Hole – This is our OPEN division and is recommeded for participants ages 13+ that are experienced in competetive golf and ready to play the back tees on the Bob 9.  Participants should be in our Birdie level or above, but if they are ready, all participants are welcome. All participants will play from the same tees, regardless of age or gender.  There will be one male winner and one female winner in the 9-hole division.
     Tee Times will be between 12noon and 2pm.


Registration for each event opens on the following dates:

Spring Invitational – Monday, May 17th at 4am
Andy Hay Summer Invitational – Monday, August 9th at 4am
Fall Invitational – Monday, September 27th at 4am



What Happens Next?

Once Registration closes at 2pm on the Wednesday before the event, you will receive an email asking if you have any special requests pertaining to your tee time or grouping.  Deadline for requests will be 2pm on Thursday.  Tee times will be sent out via email AND posted on this page sometime after 3pm on Thursday.  No phone calls regarding tee times please.  Thanks.

All players should check-in at the golf course 25 minutes prior to their tee time.

First Tee – Pittsburgh reserves the right to move participants to the division that the Tournament Committee feels is appropriate.


Please contact Paul Coultas at pcoultas@firstteepittsburgh.org for more information or with any questions.  Please don’t email requests for tee times or pairings.  An email asking for requests will be sent out to all registrants once registration closes.