FREE eProgramming

Welcome to First Tee – Pittsburgh’s FREE eProgramming.  If you are currently unable to attend our in-person programming, please follow the attached Lesson Guides to begin your own learning at home.  Then, when you’re ready, sign-up for in-person programming at any of our local locations.

Do I have to Register?

Although you don’t have to register for our FREE eProgramming, we ask that you do.  Please click below to register.  Registering really helps us keep track of everyone that is enjoying our eProgramming and gets us credit with our national HQ.

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Weekly Lesson Guides by FTP Coaches

Participants should work their way thru each 6-week segment, beginning with PLAYer Level.  Once you’ve finished PLAYer, move to Par Level.  Once you finish Par Level, move on to Birdie Level, and so on….

These Lesson Guides are also great for in-person programming participants that miss any particular week of programming.  Now, participants don’t have to miss any learning, even if they have to miss class.

Coach Eric Kulinna, PGA – Eagle Level

CLICK HERE for Coach Eric’s Eagle Level Week 1 Lesson Guide

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