What is Indoor SIM Golf?

Indoor SIM Golf is what we do during our Year-End, Winter, and Indoor Pre-Season sessions that are held November thru March.  The classes are typically 75 minutes in duration.  They expose the participants to simulated “on course” play and provide the opportunity for guided self-discovery led by our coaches.  Although these indoor sessions are meant to be a fun activity, our coaches never miss a chance to reinforce the Life Skills that we preach whenever a “teachable moment” arises.

Indoor SIM Golf gives the kids that love golf an opportunity to stay engaged with the game and meet new friends that like golf as much as they do.  During each class the kids will have the unique opprtunity to play simulated golf and learn about when to use each club in their bag.  They will also be getting “swings” in the winter when most golfers are sitting around watching television.  Indoor SIM Golf sessions are NOT certifying sessions like our outdoor sessions.  The kids will NOT be testing and moving-up levels.

Although they are NON-CERTIFYING (meaning the kids will not be testing and moving up levels), our indoor programs are very important to the development of each players golf skills and life skills learned in our clinics

Indoor SIM Golf combines the fun of a video game with some actual physical activity.

INDOOR SIM Golf Levels

  • 5 & 6 TARGET is for kids (NEW or returning) that are 5 & 6 years old
  • 7 to 9 PLAY is for kids (NEW or returning) and are in PLAYer Level 
  • 10 to 12 PLAY is for kids (NEW or returning) and are in PLAYer Level
  • 10 to 12 advanced PLAY is for kids that are Par/Birdie Level (must be PLAYer 3 certified)
  • Home School is for kids of ALL Levels and ages 5 to 18 (NEW or returning)
  • 13+ PLAY is for kids (NEW or returning) that are 13+ but haven’t yet reached our Eagle Level
  • Birdie Level classes are for participants that are Par 3 Certified
  • Eagle Level classes are for participants that are Birdie Certified

Registration opens Monday, October 11th at 4am