Social Media Over and Under by Coach Rio Hawkins

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Social media is taking over the world by storm. Over the past decade social media has risen to a higher level of excellence with today’s youth. Social media is the center of a lot of controversy in today’s society. From videos of cats, to brawls in Walmarts. For a whole year all I heard was “WORLD STAR” while people acted like fools. Remember when you had to come in the house from playing when the streetlights came on? Or even those long games of “release the den”? 

A lot of social cues are being lost because of social media in my opinion. All you see nowadays are people with their noses in their phones and heads hung down. A lot of social interaction is just not happening in our communities. Even confidence is being affected by social media, all you see are fake lives on Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. Giving children false ideas of what life really is. When interacting with my players we talk about social media and the dangers that are associated with it, and different ways we can remain safe while on the internet. You should talk to your children about the Dangers of social media. The things you do on social media can follow you for life. I know job employers that get to know you using your social media.

I struggle with my teenager about social media and what type of person she wants the world to see her as. You want your child to be safe while online but with this new crazy world of social media, there are always dangers lurking around every corner. We set rules and boundaries that she tests on a regular. No pictures in your room, no low cut shirt pictures, no tongue out pictures,  no bathroom pictures, ect. She will be going off to college soon, and I hope she understands and remembers my face when social media comes calling. I hope she puts positivity into the media world ….and not cat videos please I hate those lol. 

Submitted by Coach Rio Hawkins, Regional Manager for the East & West

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