What’s the Difference? by Coach Paul Coultas

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Can you tell me the difference between the shorts pictured below?

One pair has extra pockets sewn to the outside of the shorts, making them cargo shorts.

Did you know that wearing cargo shorts makes you an undesireable at certain local country clubs?  These clubs will not let you play on their course if you wear them.  That is an utterly ridiculous rule.  What’s the difference?  I guess I understand that country clubs have the right to make rules for their members, but to act as the fashion police and stifel peoples’ right to show their own unique style just isn’t fair, needed, or very hospitable.  If you want to make rules for your members, go ahead.  But, you should treat your guests with a little more courtesy when it comes to rules like these.  I was taught to treat people with respect.  I know that if you were a guest of mine, I’d treat you with all of the respect that you deserve and wouldn’t nit-pick at small differences in our styles.

I bring this cargo short rule to your attention because I was recently at one of these local clubs and wasn’t treated very nicely.  I was told by a member that I would have to buy shorts in their pro shop if I wanted to play on their course.  I told him that wouldn’t be possible since they probably didn’t have my size.  He told me not to worry about it and made me feel like it was going to be okay.  I thought I was good.  They were nice cargo shorts, not ripped or faded and just laundered and pressed.  However, he immediately went into the pro shop and told on me.  He had the kid working at the desk do his dirty work.  What a putz.  Seriously?  You tell on me?  The kid from the pro shop proceeded to tell me that I couldn’t play in cargo shorts and I didn’t even argue.  I collected my stuff and left.  Was that necessary?  How were my extra pockets that much of a problem that my day had to be ruined.  I ask again, what’s the differnce?  Is it control?

Just because I may not look like you, or dress like you, that doesn’t mean I’m any less of a person than you.  Truth be told, I don’t need to play at your country club.  The public courses are just fine with me.  They let you wear cargo shorts and play in your collarless shirt, untucked if you want it that way.  They are much more accepting of all types of people and don’t feel a need to control everything within their bubble.

Golf is a difficult game.  People should be able to dress in a manner that helps their play and shows their personal style.  Did you know that Tiger Woods won the Masters last year in a shirt without a collar?  You probably didn’t even notice, because it’s not really a big deal.  However, if he would have been with me the other day, wearing that shirt, he wouldn’t have been able to play either.  Can you imagine, arguably the greatest golfer of all time is turned away because his shirt didn’t have a traditional collar?  That’s silly.  What’s the difference?

For the good of the game, country clubs need to re-evalute their out-dated dress codes and be more inclusive and accepting.  Controlling how people dress is just another example of social injustice.  Wearing cargo shorts, playing with your shirt untucked, or not wearing a collared shirt has nothing to do with a person’s character and/or moral fiber.  Stop with the out-dated thinking and accept people for who they are.  Not everyone needs to look or dress the same.  We can all be different, but share the same love for the game.  Diversity is good.  Be accepting of others, especially if they’re not just like you.

How do these fashion rules make you feel?  Let me hear about it.  Reply below.

Submitted by Coach Paul Coultas, Director of Operations

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